The class, financial and social barriers need to be talked about.

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As I stood up in front of the judge, facing the lone attorney whose client had attempted to strangle me fled the jurisdiction, I felt like I was outside of my body. …

Who knew a toilet paper roll could take you back to good times?


I’m obsessed with my little black cat, Annie. She has so much personality. After the time she took the anxiety medication straight out of my dog’s mouth just a few years ago, my partner and I like to make up stories that Annie is actually a drug lord, making millions…

Nope, this won’t make you rich.

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Finance, let alone money, is not something I generally write about. Honestly, I feel like the last person anyone would want to listen to. I’m not a millionaire, I’m not a Henry, nor do I aspire to be anything of the like. …

She said you couldn’t play with me

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It was the 4th of July of ‘99. I walked into my mother’s bathroom, taking a brief break from watching Pokémon on my box television.

I glanced at myself in the mirror to at look at my oversized, hole-ridden white Spice Girls t-shirt and the mismatched Esmerelda scrunchies holding my…

It’s not what I expected.

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How it started

Like for most of us, the pandemic brought my plan for world domination to a sudden halt. When most of us went under lockdown in spring of 2020, I was in my final semester of law school. Admittedly as a dedicated introvert, I didn’t mind working from the comfort of…

Sometimes I look up at life’s invisible camera and wonder if I should laugh or be gravely concerned.

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As per usual for the last several weeks, months… I’ve been scouring Upwork. I try to apply for two postings a day, but sometimes it hard to meet my internally set goal.


I feel like about half of the time I’m reading posts meant for Craigslist.

I say that…

You’re worth far more than peanuts.

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Where do I start?

Sure, some will say that when I became a teacher a fateful nine years ago, I was “asking for it.” It’s just common knowledge that these are some of the most undervalued professionals to date. …

Know when to breathe.

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I was a stubborn, passionate and self-reliant child. I wasn’t really scared of much. This was apparent when I learned how to swim around the age of four.

A distant relative had one of those nice underground pools, accented by matching and colorful lounge chairs and pool toys. …

(insert imposter syndrome)

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The last several weeks have been stressful. Heck, the last year and a half have been a rollercoaster. In the midst of the world burning, I was encouraged by a mentor to start writing on Medium both for catharsis but to also build a community.

I didn’t think much would…

It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.

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I’m not a huge television person, but while trying to navigate through finances slowly but surely, I have had many moments of feeling alone and hopeless. …

Sarah M.

Top Writer | International Human Rights | Notices the unspoken | Wants you to finally feel seen

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