It’s deeply embedded in our culture, but it needs to stop

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“Sarah, I need you to run to the women’s restroom.”

“Why? Titi… I don’t wan… ”


As an eleven-year-old, with budding teenage angst, I rolled my eyes and left.

I could count on half a hand how many times my aunt had ever been stern with me.

The shock…

Because I wasn’t “an authority.”

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Enjoy. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Constitutional Carry Obligates Oklahoma to Protect Its Citizens with Common Sense Safety Measures

With the inevitability of constitutional carry being put into effect November 1st, I cannot help but be concerned about the implications that will reveal themselves in the near future. I know that I am part of the minority of this state that does not view my right as an American…

We don’t need sources and citations to justify our stories for your comfort.

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As someone who dabbles in the dense world of academia, I fully understand the necessity of sources and citations.

Hell, especially as a lawyer.

If you don’t have fifty different ways (or more) to prove your argument while simultaneously maintaining plans B through Z in your back pocket ready to…

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